This course is designed to introduce students to effective business leadership skills that can be used to manage and supervise others. This course will also review the steps associated with implementing change and how to coach, delegate, and give constructive feedback to employees.

Course Level: This course is for the new and experienced supervisor, those with experience ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

Targeted learners: This course would be applicable to all supervisors who are responsible for managing at least one other staff member.


Outcome of the course:

This course will enable learners to:

  • Define your role as a manager and identify how that role differs from other roles you have had.
  • Understand the management challenge and the new functions of management.
  • List the process of change and how change is implemented.
  • Identify ways to stay organized and manage your time.
  • Describe how to delegate and techniques you can use to coach, delegate, and manage others.
  • List ways that you can prepare, manage and engage others during meetings.

Components of the course

Instructional materials accompanying this course include:

  • Online course, totaling approx. 13-15 hours of course material and assignments.