This course is designed to review the principles related to business ethics and business etiquette. The course uses discussion boards, video, and scenario based activities to reinforce the concepts.

Course Level: Introductory

Targeted Learners: This course is applicable for all employees who may need to interact with other business professionals during marketing, public speaking, networking, or other company sponsored events as well as those responsible for creating procedures and policies.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the difference between ethics and morals
  • Identify some of your values and moral principles
  • Be familiar with some philosophical approaches to ethical decisions
  • Identify some ways to improve ethics in your office
  • Know what is required to start developing an office code of ethics
  • Know some ways to avoid ethical dilemmas
  • Have some tools to help you make better decisions
  • Be familiar with some common ethical dilemmas
  • Network effectively, including making introductions, shaking hands, and using business cards appropriately
  • Dress appropriately for every business occasion
  • Feel comfortable when dining in business and formal situations