This course is designed to review the principles related to handling conflict with employees in the workplace and dealing with difficult situations. Components related to effectively being a facilitator and coach will also be discussed.

Course Level: Introductory

Targeted Learners: This course is applicable for all supervisory employees that may have to serve as a mentor, coach, or facilitator.

Learning Outcome: 

  • Describe what the peer review process is
  • Apply a process for employees to file grievances and for management to respond
  • Choose a facilitator and panel
  • Understand what is involved in the hearing process, from preliminary meetings to the hearing, and the decision process
  • Distinguish facilitation from instruction and training
  • Identify the competencies linked to effective small group facilitation
  • Understand the difference between content and process
  • Identify the stages of team development and ways to help teams through each stage
  • Use common process tools to make meetings easier and more productive