This course is designed to review the principles related to training and orienting new staff members.

Course Level: Introductory

Targeted Learners: This course is applicable for all employees that serve a supervisory or manager role and are responsible for developing, teaching, motivating, and evaluating newly hired staff.

Learning Outcome: 

  • Define onboarding and describe how it is different from orientation
  • Identify the business benefits of onboarding
  • List the factors that contribute to a successful onboarding program
  • Build a team to create an onboarding program
  • Prepare a vision statement and goals for an onboarding program
  • Design a framework for an onboarding program that includes program setup, various types of training, games, progress tracking, and follow-up
  • Customize your onboarding framework
  • Identify which metrics you should track to evaluate program results
  • Create a branded, unique program that will strengthen your company’s image and market position