This course is designed to introduce the learner to components related to managing stress.

Course Level: This course is for the employee that may need a refresher on how to best manage professional and personal stress.

Targeted Learners: This course would be applicable to all employees that feel they need to better manage their stress. This course will review various stress relieving techniques that can be used in and out of the workplace.

Outcome of the Course:

This course will enable learners to:

  • Understand that stress is an unavoidable part of everybody’s life
  • Recognize the symptoms that tell you when you have chronic stress overload
  • Change the situations and actions that can be changed
  • Deal better with situations and actions that can’t be changed
  • Create an action plan for work, home, and play to help reduce and manage stress

Components of the Course: 

Instructional materials accompanying this course include:

  • Online course, totaling approx. 10-12 hours of course material and assignments.

Success Measures:

The success of this course will be based on achieving the following:

  • 100% completion of all modules and discussion board.
  • A student score of 80% or higher on all written assignments and quizzes in the course.
  • A student score of 70% or better on the final course exam.